Media Section - YouTube Video Links

eDNA Sampler (July 2022)

eDNA SAMPLER - environmental DNA Sampling: Autonomous eDNA Multi-sampling for the Detection of Biological Genomic Signatures in Water

View the eDNA Sampler Promo Video (July 2022) on the DOT YouTube Channel -- click here!

DOT V-Wing Promo (Dec 2020)

V-Wing Towed Underwater Depressor: Stable platform for sensor mounting and data collection at depths and speeds not attainable with traditional towbodies.

View the YouTube video -- click here

DOT Profile Video (Nov 2020)

Dartmouth Ocean Technologies Promotional Video (Nov 2020)

Our vision is to do sophisticated microfluidic lab-on-chip sensors, towbodies and vertical profilers that we can deploy in a number of configurations and applications.

Check out the YouTube video segment - click here

DOT Phosphate Sensor Promo (August 2020)

DOT Phosphate Sensor - In-situ nutrient detection and cost-effective solution to real-time measurement of phosphate concentration.

View the promotional video produced for Canada's Ocean Super Cluster (OSC) - click here