D Profiler

Autonomous Vertical Profiler

Autonomous Vertical Profiling of the Water Column

D Profiler from Dartmouth Ocean Technologies (DOT) enhances water column surveys by collecting multiple sensor readings at a location defined by the user’s Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) or Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV). The D Profiler is a vertically profiling buoy with an adaptable and modular sensor capability that can transmit data via a variety of data channels – UHF radio and mobile phone.

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D Profiler Product Shot 2022-02-14
D-Profiler Water Survey Sensor on dock
D-Profiler Water Survey Sensor deployed by hand
D-Profiler Water Survey Sensor with Nanuk case
D-Profiler Water Survey Sensor

Cost Effective Solution for Autonomous Water Column Surveys

Unmanned Surface Vehicle or Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Launch

Deploy from a USV or UUV with a robotic launcher specifically designed for the purpose.

Programmable Profiles

Programmable mission profiles; multiple water column profiles with programmable timing (up to 5).

Robust Communications

UHF Radio and mobile phone for real-time and/or stored data transmission.

200m Depth Rating

Controlled subsea descent and ascent with a maximum depth of 200m.


Customizable for new requirements & sensors; modular hardware design for mission adaptability.

D-Profiler Water Survey Sensor
D Profiler deployed from wave glider