Environmental DNA Sampling

Autonomous eDNA Multi-sampling for the Detection of Biological Genomic Signatures in Water

  • Automatic operation according to a preconfigured mission profile
  • Micro-fluidic architecture reduces reagent usage and facilitates storage of waste products for later disposal
  • Sample preservation via RNAlater enables long-term, unsupervised deployment
  • Customize based on the filter material needed (ie. PC, PVDF)
  • Optional: Integrated 4-channel fluorometer (Chl-a, PC, PE, FDOM)
  • Compact design allows for deployment from a variety of vessels and platforms

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eDNA Sampler
eDNA sampler

Multi-sample eDNA Collection Made Easy

eDNA sampling is a valuable tool for studying both prokaryotic and eukaryotic biodiversity in the water column.​  Dartmouth Ocean Technologies has developed a portable, convenient solution for use in many data collection scenarios.

The programmable nature of the instrument allows for increased sampling resolution over long periods of time – ideal for time series studies​.

DNA can be extracted from filters using various commercial kits (ie. Qiagen, BioMeme)​. The integrated multi-sample holder makes transporting the samples more convenient.

Environmental Monitoring

  • Commissioning and decommissioning of various coastal and offshore work sites​
    • Oil and Gas
    • Wind farms
    • Aquaculture
  • Monitoring the environment for specific organisms of interest
    • Harmful algae (ie. Alexandrium sp.)
    • Parasites or pathogens
    • Indicator species
  • DNA extracted from the sampler filters can be further processed with methods such as qPCR​
Product Specifications

In Air: 11.3 kg (24.9 lbs)
In Salt Water: 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs)


Diameter: 16.8 cm (6.6 in)
Length: 72.1 cm (28.4 in)

Depth Rating: 20 metres

Power Draw: 7VDC or 24VDC

Filters per Cartridge: 9

Sample Filters: (defaults)

Size: 25mm
Pore Size: 0.2μm
Material: Polycarbonate (PC)

Sample Rate: 1.5 - 3.5 hr per filter (volume dependent)

Sample Volume: Tested for 100 - 500 ml

Intake Filter: 35μm PEEK (default)

Data Output: Bluetooth, RS232, Smart phone connectivity

Reagents: (volumes per filter) 5% HCl (36 ml) RNAlater (9 ml) Milli-Q Water (27 ml)

  • Filter composition and pore size can be changed to suit different needs
  • External battery case (Lithium primary)
  • Hard, floodable reagent case


Download the recently-released academic paper, "A Miniaturized and Automated eDNA Sampler: Application to a Marine Environment":

Academic Paper - eDNA Sampler

Download the Paper