Phosphate Sensor

In-situ Nutrient Detection

The A1000 Phosphate Sensor is an Ortho Phosphate sensor “Inland Optical technology". This innovative microfluidic wet-chemistry sensor provides real-time measurement of phosphate concentration. The sensor is self-powered and self-logging. Deployment duration is a function of logging rates and battery selection.

Phosphate sensor
Prism Phosphate Sensor closeup
Phosphate Sensor - scale
Prism Phosphate Sensor attached to V-Wing side view
Prism Phosphate Sensor attached to V-Wing deploying

Cost Effective Solution to Real-Time Measurement of Phosphate Concentration

Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC)

Microfluidic wet-chemistry sensor featuring patented and proprietary "Inland Optical technology™". Reduces reagent consumption, decreases reaction time, and reduces power draw.


Self-powered and self-logging for real time measurement.

Technology Flexibility

This sensor is an excellent contender for towed systems, unmanned vehicles, gliders, ROVs, Voluntary Observation Ships, buoys, and profiling floats.


The sensor is configurable and can be customized to fit into most platforms.

D-Profiler product photo