The Pixie™

4-Channel Fluorometer

Tiny, Low-power 4-Channel Fluorometer with Configurable Filters to Suit Your Sensing Requirements

Moored in place, towed behind a ship or attached to an AUV, the PIXIE™ fluorometer from Dartmouth Ocean Technologies can measure 4 independent fluorescence signatures of the environment in a single deployment. The unit can log and stream data for Chlorophyl-a, phycocyanin, phycoerythrin (rhodamine), and FDOM/crude oil.

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The Pixie™ 4 Channel Fluorometer


  • Automatic 4-channel data acquisition
  • Enables near-real time (1 Hz), data-informed decision making via RS-232 communication interface
  • Simultaneously detects multiple analytes with different fluorescence signatures
  • Excellent for Phytoplankton, Algae, Crude Oil, and/or Dye Tracer experiments
  • Tiny and suitable for long-term, unsupervised deployment with platforms or stand-alone
The Pixie™ 4 Channel Fluorometer
The Pixie™ 4 Channel Fluorometer
Optional Configuration
Red (590 nm LED)
Emission Filter 1 Phycocyanin (PC), 661 ± 26 nm BP filter
Excitation Filter 1 Phycocyanin (PC), 600 nm SP filter
Green (527 nm LED)
Emission Filter 2 Phycoerythrin (PE)/Rhodamine, 578 ± 16 nm BP filter
Excitation Filter 2 Phycoerythrin (PE)/Rhodamine, 550 nm SP filter
Blue (460 nm LED)
Emission Filter 3 Chlorophyll (Chl), 692 ± 47 nm BP filter
Excitation Filter 3 Chlorophyll (Chl), 475 nm SP filter
UV (365 nm LED)
Emission Filter 4 FDOM/Crude Oil, 466 ± 45 nm BP filter
Excitation Filter 4 FDOM/Crude Oil, 400 nm SP filter


Product Specifications

In Air: 370 g (0.816 lbs)


Diameter: 58 mm (2.28 in)
Length: 122 mm (4.80 in) w/o connector

Depth Rating: 500 m (1640 ft)

Power: 5-18V supply, 30 mA peak

LOD: 1 ppb Rhodamine-B

Range: 1-1,000 ppb Rhodamine-B

Communication: RS-232, 115.2k baud

*Specifications subject to change