Towed Underwater Depressor

Portable Underwater Mapping, Research, and Reconnaissance

The V-Wing towed underwater depressor enables users to conduct underwater research, inspection, and reconnaissance quickly and economically. V-Wing’s unique dihedral wing design enables rapid descent to unlimited depths, provides stability for added mission accuracy, and minimizes drag for increased efficiency.

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V-Wing Model 1220
V-Wing Towed Underwater Depressor demo
V-Wing Towed Underwater Depressor with sensor attached
V-Wing Towed Underwater Depressor different sizes
V-Wing Towed Underwater Depressor in use by navy

Cost Effective Solution to Enhance Underwater Mapping, Research, Inspection, and Reconnaissance

Unique Wing Design

The V-Wing creates a hydrodynamic flow over its unique wing design to produce a depressive force that pulls down many times its own mass (typically a 5:1 lift-to-drag ratio). The V-Wing’s unique dihedral wing design enables rapid descent, submerges to unlimited depths, stability during operations, and minimal drag.

Reduce Potential Failure

By eliminating the need for motorized propulsion, V-Wing reduces potential points of failure, product weight, and component costs.

Technology Flexibility

The V-Wing’s self-contained towed body also provides the flexibility to mount a variety of marine technologies for commercial and government applications.

Intuitive Operation

A moving command ship can receive real-time transmissions from V-Wing via a connected cable. Operators control V-Wing’s set depth based on the length of cable in the water and boat speed. To simplify operations, a software program helps operators determine appropriate V-Wing depth.

V-Wing Towed Underwater Depressor with sensor attached
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Fibreglass hull for harsh underwater conditions
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Coated 606 I-Grade aluminum tail for high performance and corrosion resistance
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316-grade stainless steel trim tabs to enhance maneuverability
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Rugged tow fitting that supports a variety of pod enclosure sizes to protect instrumentation

Shipping V-Wings

By design, all the V-Wing Product line devices are heavy and have substantial ballast in the nose. Therefore, shipping these wings should only be in an appropriate wooden container or on a specially designed pallet. They should be protected on all sides and very well secured.

When Dartmouth Ocean Technologies ships a V-Wing it is always in a custom-made wooden crate specifically sized for the particular model wing and reinforced to take all the unexpected shocks and bumps that occur when shipping.

We do not warranty any product damage that has been caused by shipping in an inappropriate container including, but not limited to, a cardboard box.