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V-Wing towed wing in the water with DOT team member

Towed systems 101 – the many advantages of using a streamlined dihedral wing depressor

There are numerous applications for towed systems in a variety of fields including oceanography, geophysics/mapping, and acoustic monitoring.

V-Wing dihedral towed system

Listening in on the Sound of Gentle Giants

Marine scientists have long known that whales and other sea mammals communicate underwater in a unique fashion. Only within the past several decades, has the instrumentation been developed to enable scientists to actually hear this conversation with enough accuracy to begin to try to decipher the “language of whales”.
Towed Hydrophone streamer.

Brochure Download: Phosphate Sensor

Brochure Download: V-Wing Towed Depressor

Brochure Download: eDNA Sampler

Brochure Download: Alkalinity Sensor

Academic Paper on eDNA Sampler

We are pleased to note the recent publication of a paper entitled "A Miniaturized and Automated eDNA Sampler: Application to a Marine Environment".
Miniaturized Automated eDNA Sampler